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Kidsguide CampGuide

Find the best summer camps in Long Beach, LA and Orange County. No matter what season, camps provide valuable educational experiences that your children won’t be able to find anywhere else. Kids and teens have many varied interests, but Southern California offers so many programs, there’s a camp for everyone.

This guide provides a comprehensive resource of all the available camps for your children to choose from. Whether you're looking for programs for teens or day camps for young children, you'll find it in the CampGuide!

Kidsguide has created this resource to make it easy for parents to find programs that fit, not only their child’s interests, but their age and schedules as well. You’ll find a wide variety of camps and programs, including:

• Academic Camps • Animal Camps • Art Camps • Sports Camps • Performing Arts Camps • STEM Camps • Cooking Camps • Sewing Camps

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